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Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Treatment - Everything You Need To Know

Wisdom tooth removal is plain sailing for some while complicated for others. The oral surgeons or dentists carry out the wisdom tooth extraction treatment. Some people develop discomfort, while others have little or no pain. Searching for clinic for wisdom tooth removal, visit none other than AMD Dental Clinic who has a team of experts to take care of you.
10 Jan 2022
Dental Implants Prosthodontics

Dental Implants - Procedure, Advantages and Cost

A dental implant is a medical fixture put into the jawbone and permitted to integrate with the bones over time. A dental implant can work as a replacement for a lost tooth's core. Whether you have one implant or a whole arch, it is a good idea to become acquainted with the surgical procedure, so you understand what to anticipate.
15th Dec 2021
Dental Braces Orthodontics

Why Getting Tooth Braces Makes Sense Even In 2022?

If you've ever wondered as to why getting tooth braces makes sense even in 2022, then you need to hear this out. For both toddlers and adults, braces are an effective orthodontic treatment. Going through the procedure of getting braces can be an intimidating experience for many people. But with the proper guidelines and advice, getting your braces can be a walk in the park
29th Nov 2021
Dental Implants Dental Crowns Prosthodontics

Why are Dental Implants and Dental Crowns so Expensive?

Are you looking into the cost of dental implants and dental crowns to see if they are prohibitively expensive? Then you have come to the right page, read our article to know more!
18th Nov 2021
Systemic Conditions Oral Health

How different systemic conditions affect oral health?

Have you ever thought about the risks you are likely to face with diabetes, high blood pressure, or both? Oral health issues are one such risk. Read more to know about them in detail.
6th Nov 2021
Periodontics Tooth Infections

Every thing you need to know about tooth infections

Has your slight toothache radiated itself to your jawbone, ears or neck and made your life worse ? This can be a cardinal symptom of tooth infection. Visit AMD Dental Clinic to get it checked by experts
24th Oct 2021
Periodontics Gum Problems Bleeding Gums

The only guide you will need to understand pyorrhea

Not to freak you out or something, but you might be suffering from the problem of Pyorrhea. It is a serious gum infection that damages the gums and can destroy your jawbone. It affects the tissues that support and surround our teeth
1st Oct 2021
Orthodontics Clear Aligners Misaligned Teeth

Things about Clear Aligners You Wish You Knew Before Investing

Several treatments are available for misaligned teeth. One of these options is clear aligners which can seem like an attractive option because they are transparent and removable. However, it is essential to know all the facts about something before investing in it.
20th Sep 2021
Pediatric dentistry Kids Dentistry Child's Oral Health

How you can improve your kid's oral health

If you are a parent then you already know the struggles of getting your child to brush their teeth properly every day. A major part of being a parent is always being concerned about your child's health, and oral health is an important aspect of it.
10th Sep 2021
Teeth cleaning Teeth whitening Veneers

Get a perfect smile for your wedding day with bridal dentistry

Imagine walking towards the mandap in your stunning attire, oh so good makeup and your hair done perfectly and multiple cameras flashing on you just for your perfect smile but there is something stopping you. Is it your gummy smile, discolored tooth or chipped tooth?
19th Aug 2021
Mouth Ulcers Canker Sores Aphthous Ulcer

Did you know these things about mouth ulcers? Get your ulcers checked now

Remember when you just put in a bite of spicy food in your mouth and had a burning sensation on a small part of your inner lip? That tender spot is a mouth ulcer. Consult our dentist for the best remedy for mouth ulcers
4th Aug 2021
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