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Dental Implants - Procedure, Advantages and Cost

Dental Implants Prosthodontics
15th Dec 2021
Dental Implants - Procedure, Advantages and Cost

Per-Ingvar Brnemark, a Swedish orthopedic physician, pioneered dental implants as we recognized them today in 1952. Now, it is regarded as the core of treatment in dentistry for the artificial repair of missing teeth. A dental implant is a medical fixture put into the jawbone and permitted to integrate with the bones over time.

A dental implant can work as a replacement for a lost tooth's core. In turn, this dental implant root holds a substitute tooth or link in place. Cosmetic dentistry bonded to the jawbone is the nearest approximation to a natural tooth since it supports on its own without harming neighboring teeth and has excellent stability. This article will cover a detailed overview of Dental Implants- Procedures, Advantages and Cost. Let's get going!

The Procedure of Dental Implants

Whether you have one implant or a whole arch, it is a good idea to become acquainted with the surgical procedure, so you understand what to anticipate.

Step 1: Consulting and Planning Phase

During the consultation and planning phase, the dental physician will personally evaluate the area of the mouth in which a dental implant is being assessed and review dental imaging tests (X-rays, panorama films, or CT scans). At this point, the quality and amount of jawbone are evaluated to determine whether the additional bone is required at the spot.

Step 2: Pre-Surgical Exams

After it has been determined that a dental implant can be put in the chosen site, the patient will come for dental implant surgical operations. You will have a prosthodontic exam with your prosthodontist. This session will clarify any unanswered questions and enable the doctor to gather the necessary data for the surgery. After completing your pre-surgical exam, you will be able to book the day and time of your procedure.

Step 3: Surgical Procedure

During any medical procedure sessions, the patient has typically given a local anesthetic to dull the surgical region and any extra sedatives required for relaxation and stress.

In a single day, you may have a new smile thanks to the dental implant treatment. You will leave with dental implants that look and feel just like natural teeth. While your jaw recovers and adapts to the alteration, you are granted unique crowns or bridges sustained by the implants. Following the surgery, you will be painful for a few days.

Step 4: Post-Surgery Checkups

Your dental implant treatment is followed by a time of recovery. It is suggested that patients limit their diet to meals that can be sliced with a fork for the first 6-9 months while their dental implants recover. During this time, patients often come for a series of visits to evaluate the process of healing. These checks are included in the initial fee that you are offered.

Step 5: Substitute Teeth

In the final step, your dentist will substitute your temporary bridge or arch with a permanent new prosthesis after your mouth has healed and the new implant has been established. You will not only have a gorgeous, natural grin at this stage, but you will also be able to eat any meals you like without a problem.

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Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide several advantages, including:

Speech Improves

Teeth might shift within the jaw with ill-fitting dentures, leading you to stutter or slur your speech. Implants enable you to talk without fear of your teeth slipping.

Oral-Health Improves

Dental implants, unlike tooth-supported bridges, do not necessitate the reduction of neighboring teeth. Because neighboring teeth are not changed to sustain the implant, so many of your natural teeth are preserved, resulting in better long-term dental health. Single implants also make it easier to clean between teeth, which improves dental hygiene.

Prevents Bone Loss

Since there is no tooth, the lower jaw disintegrates owing to an absence of a stimulus. If no implant is implanted during the first year following tooth loss, the bone region loses 25% of its mass, and bone loss increases over time.

Dentures can also hasten bone loss since they frequently become free and brush on the bony surface, progressively eroding it away. Because a dental implant substitutes both the base and the tooth, and swallowing is returned to normal, it stimulates natural bone development.


Implants can easily last for many years. Several implants can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Easy Eating

Chewing can be challenging with shifting dentures. Implants operate similarly to your natural teeth, enabling you to consume your favorite foods with comfort and without discomfort.

Appearance Improves

Dental implants give the look and feel of a natural tooth. They are also everlasting since they are engineered to merge with bone.


Detachable dentures are exactly what they sound like: removable. Dental implants reduce the embarrassment of replacing dentures and the necessity for sticky adhesives to maintain them in place.

- Removes Discomfort

Implants reduce the discomfort associated with partial dentures since they become a part of you. Implants might help you regain your smile and feel much better about yourself.

Cost of Dental Implants

The price of a particular dental implant varies based on where you live and who does the treatment. Dental Implant is estimated to cost between $3,000 and $4,500. This price covers the procedure for implant insertion, all parts, and the implant crowns.

Dental Implant is often not covered by insurance. Many dental insurance policies may cover the implant crown component of the procedure. Nevertheless, dental insurance often regards implants as optional, even though they have become the standard treatment for replacing lost teeth.

Dental implants are becoming a popular tooth replacement treatment because of their sensible approach and reliable results, with efficiency scores approaching 98 percent.


Visit AMD Clinic in Jaipur, India, if you want to receive a dental implant. The duration of the process varies among individuals, based on the shape of your jaw and your overall health. After reading the article, you now have a better understanding of Dental implants- Procedure, Advantages and Cost. So, get a dental implant today if you need one!


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