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does teeth cleaning lead to loosening of teeth?

Teeth cleaning
31 Jan 2022
does teeth cleaning lead to loosening of teeth?

The most commonly asked question to a dentist by their patients is 'does teeth cleaning lead to loosening of teeth?'. This blog will cover all the basis and will explain to you why this myth prevails

Your teeth are held in bone and this bone is covered by a ping soft tissue called gums. These gums are attached to the neck of each tooth. The attachment of gums makes a sulcus at this point. When we eat food and in general this sulcus hosts remain of this food. This gets cleaned if you brush correctly. (Recommended technique of brushing is the modified bass method), However, if we failed to do proper cleaning, the infection prevails, & slowly the plaque (pale yellow-white layer composed of food debris, dead cells & microorganisms like bacteria) gets accumulated. It eventually mineralizes & becomes tartar.

This tartar is hard in consistency & difficult to remove with a brush only. Eventually, the buildup on the tooth surface creeps in making a pocket and pushing the bone level down. finally, you end up losing bone at the cost of this tartar & your gums become swollen and inflamed.

So when you get tooth cleaning done, the process does not cause teeth loosening, it's the damage that has already been present, just that you see the teeth without tartar.

So, can we not leave the teeth with tartar?

No, because it's like keeping the garbage in the mouth. This tartar is composed of bacteria, food debris, and other infectious organisms. You don't want to swallow these infections along with your favorite food.

So, get rid of your mouth infarction now and we at and dental clinic use the best teeth cleaning machine that insures 0% enamel removal.

How frequently one should get their teeth cleaned professionally by a dentist?

The dentist will examine the status of oral hygiene; status of gums, mobility of teeth, and plaque tartar buildup along with stains. As per the findings, the regime will be prepared for you. We at AMD Dental Clinic the best pyorrhea treatment clinic recommends teeth cleaning once a year. For severe pyorrhea cases, therapy requires teeth cleaning between 6-8 months till the condition comes in control

Is it normal to have teeth sensitivity after teeth cleaning?

Yes, it is normal for one to experience some sensitivity in teeth after teeth cleaning. It should however subside within 5-10 days. In case it prolongs visit AMD Dental Clinic for the best pyorrhea treatment in Jaipur.

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