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Here's every thing you need to know about tooth infections

Periodontics Tooth Infections
24th Oct 2021
Every thing you need to know about tooth infections

Has your slight toothache radiated itself to your jawbone, ears or neck and made your life worse (to say the least)? This can be a cardinal symptom of tooth infection. (Psst: enter images of a dentist going inside your mouth with a massive drill). Don't want that? We predicted it. So, take a look at what you need to know to cure and prevent dealing with this situation ever again.

When confronted with an infection, your immune system tries to isolate the bacteria and get it out however possible; which explains your cheek/face swelling and your ear or neck hurting. In case of tooth infection, it may try to push it out via the root of the tooth and into the bone and can indeed break down the bone.

Freaked out enough?

Let's try to follow the stages of tooth infection step by step so that you know what stage you are on and what would be the next best move for you.

Remember that slippery coating you feel on your teeth when you wake up? That coating is Plaque and is formed regularly on your teeth as you eat, drink or even breathe. This is because your mouth is fundamentally a thriving ecosystem in itself with bacteria and other microbes living in it. The balance of it is maintained typically but sometimes the overabundance of some bacteria due to more consumption of carbs of sugary substances may stimulate a problem of tooth decay as these bacteria feed on these debris.

(Ahem: Your reminder to keep a check on carbs and sugar intake!!)

If you fail to brush and floss away this plaque every day, it will harden into a substance called Tartar which is more difficult to remove in-house.

What next? The acids in plaque attack the minerals in the hard layer, enamel of your teeth which leads to holes that pave the way for acids and bacteria to dig into dentin, the next softer layer of your teeth. This layer has little tubes to communicate with the nerves of your teeth.

Lastly, if corrective actions are not taken, the committed bacteria and acid might work their way down to the pulp of your teeth, which comprise the inner layer of your teeth that contains nerves and blood vessels. This leads to swelling and pain at the root of your teeth or even in the bone, especially when you bite something. Not only this, when left untreated, this kind of bacterial damage can even result in tooth loss.

Therefore, check out for the symptoms of tooth infection which include pain, swelling, pain radiating to surrounding area, enlarged lymph nodes, fever, etc.

So, can you treat mouth ulcer at home?

"The earlier the detection, the better it is", is our mantra.

That said, you can practice quality oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay which involves brushing two times for two minutes and flossing once every day.

But if the tooth decay has created a hole in your tooth you might need to go for a tooth filling wherein the dentist will drill out the decay and fill in the hole with some material or you may need a crown, which is fundamental when a dentist drills away the decayed part of your tooth, then places a custom-fitted tooth cap on the healthy portion.

If the decay has crept into the pulp of your tooth, a root canal may be necessary. In this procedure, the dentist will remove infected tooth pulp and will replace it with a dental filling.

Last of all, if your tooth is so severely decayed that it cannot be fixed, it has to be taken out and your dentist may recommend getting a bridge (an artificial tooth supported by crowns on either side) or a dental implant (metal fixtures fastened onto your jawbone, surgically on which an artificial tooth can be placed).

Takeaway: Staying on top of your oral hygiene is clearly easier than any of the above-mentioned treatments for tooth infection.

Tooth infection can take a toll and cause cellulitis, space infection, swelling spreading to face and neck, pain near ear and pus discharge. Fever and tooth infection are commonly reported. Danger of tooth infection include spread of infection to your body.

But, if your tooth infection has crossed a stage where it cannot be treated with quality oral habits only, consult our experts at AMD Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in Jaipur where our team of best dentists always makes sure that you walk out with a beaming beatific smile that too without having to put up with any pain.

Pro tip: To avoid that drill, think twice before pushing back that dental appointment as your dentist may pick up on that drawing up tooth infection before it can do a major damage.

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