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How different systemic conditions affect oral health?

Systemic Conditions Oral Health
6th Nov 2021
How different systemic conditions affect oral health?


Oral health care is important to prevent infections and other diseases. Oral fitness has a definite impact on your overall health. Moreover, if you are diabetic or experiencing high blood pressure, you are at greater risk of oral issues such as cavities, tooth decay, gum bleeding, infections, and much more. The problems may vary in nature and intensity. However, even minor oral issues may prove to be dangerous for diabetic and blood pressure patients. If you want to know more about oral problems and their remedial measure, read the following article. Let's get started.

How diabetes affects oral health?

The common side effects of high blood sugar levels include difficulty healing wounds, cardiovascular diseases, nerve damage, etc. Similarly, it is also known for deteriorating health issues. Oral health is no exception. Let's take a look at how diabetes affects oral health.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is one of the common oral health problems faced by diabetic patients. This is because saliva production is slowed down in diabetic patients. So, the mouth's moisture is reduced, thereby causing the patient to feel a dry mouth.

Sores, Ulcers, and bacterial growth

In addition to keeping your mouth wet, Saliva also produces enzymes that are helpful to prevent bacteria. However, high sugar levels reduce Saliva in your mouth. So, there are more chances of bacterial growth in your oral cavity. Increased bacterial activity may lead to sores and ulcers in your mouth. Moreover, it may also cause tooth decay and gum diseases.

Fungal Infections

People with diabetes are vulnerable to fungal infections. Fungus feeds on the sugar present in your Saliva. So, the more sugar, the higher the fungus will be. Common symptoms of fungal growth are red or white patches on the tongue.

Gum Diseases

The mechanism to deal with gum diseases is severely affected by diabetes. Since the bacterial growth increases due to high sugar in your Saliva, your gums may become red or even bleed. The medical name for this disease is gingivitis. However, gingivitis may not become a matter of concern until it changes into periodontitis, a relatively more dangerous type of gum disease. Periodontitis is likely to damage the bone structure of the gum. Once the diabetic patient develops periodontitis, seeing a dentist is a must.

Slow recovery

Diabetic patients experience slow recovery when it comes to healing wounds. So, if they got an injury in their gums, mouth, or any part of the oral cavity, it may take months to recover. Plus, if the wound is left untreated, it may further deteriorate, causing infection. So, diabetic patients have to be very careful when undergoing dental implants or any other surgical process.

Feeling of numbness

Some diabetic patients have reported losing their sense of taste. This is because of the decreased Saliva in your mouth due to high diabetes.

How high BP affects oral health?

High blood pressure is no good in any sense. High blood pressure brings many life-threatening issues, from cardiac risks such as coronary arteries blockage to heart attack. High BP affects oral health too. The following section will tell you how it undermines oral well-being.

Gum Overgrowth

High blood pressure is not going to affect your oral fitness directly. However, you may encounter issues because of the medication prescribed to treat high blood pressure. Gum overgrowth is one of the common issues caused by blood pressure-reducing drugs and medicines. In such a case, your gum becomes enlarged, and you may feel difficulty chewing food. Plus, you may not comfortably clean your teeth, accumulating plaque. So, if you continuously compromise on oral hygiene because of gum's overgrowth, periodontitis is inevitable. This side effect of high blood pressure medicines typically appears after a month or more when you start taking them. It can also become severe, and you may need to consult a dentist to remove the enlarged part.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is another condition that people taking medicines for the high-pressure face. So, there is a high risk of developing bacterial growth, infections, and other teeth or gum diseases.

Other side effects of high blood pressure medication may include the following

  • Mouth Ulcers
  • Sores
  • Boils in the mouth
  • Bad taste

How oral care should be done?

There must be no compromise on oral care. Taking good care of oral hygiene and some other factors can help you evade serious risks. Let's take a look at how oral care needs to be done.

Maintaining Oral hygiene

Gingivitis and periodontitis can be avoided by cleaning and brushing your teeth thoroughly and regularly. It is highly recommended to brush your teeth after every meal to remove the food leftovers. Moreover, it would help if you brushed your teeth so that plaque does not accumulate. Your toothpaste also plays an essential role in oral care. Likewise, mouthwash is also advised by dental experts to maintain good oral hygiene.

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Limiting alcohol and quitting smoking can be effective when it comes to oral care. This remedy is likely to reduce stains, plaque, and other complications.

Dentist role

Dentists are oral care experts. From oral diseases prevention to dental implants and surgeries, the role of the dentist is paramount. In addition, they also help in diagnosing and treating oral diseases. In brief, they examine, diagnose, and suggest treatment to ensure your overall and, specifically, oral well-being. If you are looking for the best dental services, AMD Dental Clinic is one of the notable options to consider. We have state-of-the-art dental technology to facilitate you in both simple and complex dental services. So, from dentures to dental bridges to implants, you will find everything at AMD Dental Clinic in Jaipur, India. In short, AMD Dental Clinic is known for quick and effective dental treatment and services.


The connectivity of oral health with your overall fitness cannot be denied. So, if you overlook oral care, your well-being will be at risk. Moreover, diabetic and high BP patients need to be more cautious with said issues. Such patients are advised to monitor their sugar and blood pressure regularly, and if they experience gum or tooth infection symptoms, they must immediately consult a dental expert. To conclude, maintaining good oral care is also an effective technique to avoid potential risks.

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