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How you can improve your kid's oral health at AMD Dental Clinic

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10th Sep 2021
How you can improve your kid's oral health

If you are a parent then you already know the struggles of getting your child to brush their teeth properly every day. A major part of being a parent is always being concerned about your child's health, and oral health is an important aspect of it.

Taking care of your child's teeth health is very important because these will develop into healthy habits that will help them for a lifetime. Children have the most peculiar and carefree eating habits, the wide variety of junk food can affect their oral health.

Do you worry about how your child's oral health constantly? Then read on because here is some much-needed information and easy hacks for you to ensure good oral hygiene of kids.

How to keep the mouth clean before eruption of teeth?

The oral hygiene of your baby begins right after birth. Oral health is not limited to just teeth, it is very important to keep the whole mouth clean. Practicing healthy habits from the earliest stage can prevent tooth decay and cavities later on.

Clean your baby's gums after feeding with a clean wet washcloth using your index finger by gently massaging the gums. Babies usually grow their first teeth at the age of six months. When you see the first signs of teething, which is swollen or red gums and more saliva. This is the time when you should be prepared because your baby will soon start teething that adorable stage where they bite anything and everything within reach. Give them a clean teething ring or a clean washcloth to keep any infections away.

Another important thing to remember here is that infections are easily transmitted. Avoid testing the temperature of the baby's milk with utensils or your mouth. These early practices can be very helpful in the future.

When is the best time to see the dentist for your child?

Now that you know how to take care of your kid's oral health before their first teeth, now it is time to know how to maintain the kid's teeth health after their first teeth. After the first teeth of the baby appear, use a soft-bristled brush to clean their teeth, in addition to using the washcloth to massage the gums.

Make yourself familiar with the normal appearance of your child's gums and teeth. Check them regularly for any brown or white spots. If you find something like that on your child's gums or teeth then schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.

It is also preferable to have the first dental appointment before the first birthday of the child after they grow their first baby teeth.

Start cultivating healthy habits from an early age onwards. Limit the number of sweetened foods and sugary beverages your child takes.

How to take care of child if he has a cleft palate?

One in 700 babies is born with a cleft palate. If your baby is one of them, you may feel overwhelmed and worried about how to take care of them. The first priority is to feed the baby properly after birth. It is difficult to feed the baby after birth because they cannot form the suction. Reduction in feeding can cause the baby to be underweight. In this case, to help the baby have breastmilk, you can pump it and later use a special feeder to feed it to them. It can even be customized to meet the baby's needs by experts.

The surgery for cleft palate is performed at around ten months of age because that is when meaningful speech starts to develop and this prevents it from being affected much. After the surgery, the baby cannot have milk from the bottle because the nipple of the bottle can irritate the surgical site. This is why you need to prepare your baby to use a free-flowing sippy cup three to four months before the surgery. There are several such cups available in the market and you can pick one that suits your baby best.

An important thing to remember is to learn how to swaddle your baby and make them comfortable with it. This is essential so that later on they do not put their hands in their mouth and affect the surgical site.

How to motivate your child to maintain their oral health?

Children need help brushing their teeth till they are seven to eight years old. And they are not always particularly keen on it. So in that case it becomes your job to motivate them and make it a regular habit of brushing their teeth properly and maintaining good oral hygiene.

Use a small toothbrush initially with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. After they are seven or eight years old, you can switch to a bigger toothbrush. You can also visit your dentist and learn the correct way to brush your child's teeth. Instruct your child to spit the toothpaste while brushing and not swallow it.

Switch toothbrushes every three months and let your kid choose their own toothbrush. This will pique their interest in brushing their teeth since they can pick one in their favourite colour or a favourite cartoon character. You can also pick an electric toothbrush for them since they are easier and fun to use. Take their help in choosing the toothpaste as well, pick one in their favourite flavour.

Read them storybooks about oral hygiene and watch videos related to the same with them. To ensure that they are brushing their teeth for the required time, set a timer for two minutes. You can also play their favourite song during this time to make it more fun.

Reward them for their good work to keep them motivated. Do not include sugary treats or junk food in the reward. Offer something healthy instead like apple slices or their favourite fruit or vegetable. To make them more comfortable with visiting the dentist, plan a fun activity of their choice right after the appointment to the dentist.

Start oral hygiene for your child at an early age. You can visit AMD Dental Clinic which is the best dental clinic in Jaipur for kids dental treatment and let the professional team of the best kids dentists take care of your child's oral health while making it a fun experience as well.

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