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Things about Clear Aligners You Wish You Knew Before Investing - By AMD Dental Clinic

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20th Sep 2021
Things about Clear Aligners You Wish You Knew Before Investing

Your smile forms an important part of your personality and how you project yourself as well as in making first impressions. But it becomes a little hard to use your smile to the fullest when you are not confident in it. There are several measures you can take to treat the misalignment of your teeth. One of these options is Clear aligners which can seem like an attractive option because they transparent and removable. However, it is essential to know all the facts about something before investing in it. So here are a few things that you should know about clear aligners before you decide your options.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are a kind of orthodontic treatment that are used to correct crooked or misaligned teeth. They are also known as invisible aligners because they are trays made of a clear substance that is virtually invisible. It will remain on your teeth but will not be visible or stand out.

Clear aligners are designed for convenience and flexibility. These are custom made for each patient based on the condition of their teeth and they are even removable. They are used for different kinds of misalignments and are known to be very effective.

How do clear aligners work?

The condition of the teeth is digitally captured and then using specialized software the future projections for the straight teeth are computed. Then, based on this data the machine custom designs a set of clear aligners that efficiently straighten the teeth. On an average basis, a person who decides to use clear aligners needs about 25 to 40 sets for complete alignment of their teeth.

The market is hyped about these near invisible aligners they are clear in appearance (virtually invisible) and fit snugly over the teeth. They can be easily removed before every meal and then reattached, therefore better oral hygiene as compared to braces (tooth clips).

However, this blog is focused to make you aware about:

Some Lesser Known and Discussed Facts about Clear Aligners

Clear aligners can seem like a great and convenient choice but you must know all the important things about them. So here are some of the lesser talked about facts about clear aligners.

1. They are expensive

One of the biggest disadvantages of clear aligners is that they are very expensive. In India, the cost of clear aligners (Invisalign) starts from 1 lakh. Various factors play a key role in controlling the cost of clear aligners but they are always on the pricier side. If you are on a tight budget and are not sure how much you are prepared to spend on the treatment then clear aligners are certainly not the option you should go for.

2. Wearing them for long hours

You need to wear invisible aligners for at least 22 hours a day. They can only be taken off during meal times or brushing your teeth. This can be very difficult in some situations. Adjusting to this routine can be hard and inconvenient. This is a factor you must consider before investing in them.

3. They are not recommended for severe cases

In case of severe misalignments of the teeth, Clear aligners are certainly not recommended. If your teeth are severely misaligned or crooked, the overbite and open bite are severe because of the misalignment of the jaw then your dentist will come up with another plan for you that will work more efficiently since invisible aligners cannot fix these problems for you.

4. There may be the need for buttons and attachments

Clear aligners are attached to the teeth with the help of buttons. These make it difficult to remove and reattach the Clear aligners sometimes and thus very inconvenient to use them.

5. More attention to dental hygiene

Clear aligners (Invisalign) fit over the whole teeth and need to be removed during meals and brushing the teeth or flossing. This means that you will have to brush and floss your teeth more often than you usually do. This might not seem like a very difficult thing to follow but sometimes it can be very hard to manage.

6. Inconvenient to remove during meals

Clear aligners need to be removed when you eat or drink something. This can be inconvenient and embarrassing in everyday life. When you are at a public place, party, or having lunch with a group, it is not always easy and convenient to manage your transparent aligners. This is something you must consider before trying clear aligners.

7. Being removable, patient may not wear them for sufficient time

Any removable appliance has a threat of discontinuity or decreased duration of wearing of the appliance. Same has been reported in case of clear/ invisible aligners where the patient may remove the aligners early whenever they receive the new set of aligners making it a slower process.

8. What if you lose your aligner?

This is a problem faced and reported by many patients, especially working adults. Due to their hectic lifestyle, they tend to misplace the aligners (Invisalign) as they need to be removed every time you take any form of meal. The cost of replacing them is high too. Hence an extra burden on your pockets.

9. There is definite slur in speech in initial days.

It takes one time to adjust to invisible aligners. You may experience a slurred speech for a few days. It goes with time.

We do not condemn the clear aligners. The patients are extremely happy with the results but we practice transparent dentistry at AMD Dental Clinic. We do not want you to just make your decision on the basis of market gimmicks and alluring factors. Keep both pros and cons in mind and then choose your treatment option. If you want to know more about Clear aligners and other options you have in fixing your misalignment, you can visit the best dental clinic in Jaipur, where you can get a professional opinion from a team of the best dentists to help you choose your best option.


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