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What To Eat After Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction
18 Sep 2022
What To Eat After Tooth Extraction

Often people do not give as much importance to teeth as they give to other parts of the body. In foreign countries, along with external hygiene, a lot of emphasis is being laid on the cleanliness inside the body, but the situation regarding internal cleanliness in India is still not good.

If we talk about teeth, then the report says that there are still 76.4 percent people in India who do not take any step regarding dental hygiene. Due to this, diseases related to teeth worms, swelling, yellowness, gum discomfort and bad breath occur. Here we will try to understand through some questions what precautions should be taken after tooth extraction.

What is necessary to do immediately after tooth extraction?

Do not do anything that puts stress on your teeth for 24 hours after your tooth has been extracted. Try to rest as much as possible that day. If you go to office, take that day off and try to keep your head elevated during those 24 hours so that there is no pressure on the teeth, gums and there is no possibility of bleeding. .

What are the things to be taken care of?

Do not eat any kind of hot things until the pain of tooth extraction is over completely. The scientific reason for this is that after the tooth is extracted, the tooth and its surrounding area remain sensitive for some time, that is why you cannot feel cold or hot, and in such a situation your mouth burns. Can Apart from this, if possible, take porridge, lentils or food in drinkable condition, do not use chewed food.

Apart from this, you need to keep in mind that after extraction of teeth, keep your mouth raised for some time by taking the help of a pillow, a sheet. Even if some blood comes, put a cloth on the pillow.

How important is the rinse?

Avoid gargling for 24 hours i.e. a whole day after tooth extraction. This is very important because if you rinse the area where the healing material was applied after tooth extraction, it will come out with water and you may feel more pain than before. Dentists definitely give one advice after tooth extraction and that is to keep the tongue under control. Because the tongue repeatedly goes to the place from where the tooth has been extracted, that's why you should also take care not to touch the tooth.

Some additional precautions that everyone should take care of, especially men?

Abstain from any kind of intoxicant till one day after tooth extraction. Do not consume anything like cigarette, alcohol, tobacco. If you do this, the situation will get worse, bleeding will start and it will flow more than before. It takes about a week for the extraction site to completely heal, so be especially careful during that time.

How important is brushing after tooth extraction?

After extraction of teeth, cleaning of the remaining teeth becomes very important and along with that it is equally important to keep the entire mouth clean. That's why consult your dentist about when you can brush or brush.

What should I do if I bleed a few hours after tooth extraction?

Bleeding is normal within 48 hours after tooth extraction, so don't worry about it. But if the bleeding continues daily even after 48 hours, see your dentist immediately as it could be serious. Apart from this, if the dentist cannot be found due to any reason, then you can do a work at your level. Keep a cotton or soft cloth on the bleeding area for 5 to 10 minutes. The bleeding will stop. If the bleeding still does not stop, contact another best dentist in jaipur.

What can be done to improve the condition after tooth extraction?

Yes, this question is very important. After extraction of teeth, you have to pay special attention that no food or food remains inside the mouth. Do not rinse in any way in the initial hours after tooth extraction because if you do this, there will be difficulty in healing the wound.

Apart from this, a surefire way to avoid pain and give relief to the teeth is a salt and lukewarm water rinse. Make the water lukewarm and add half a teaspoon of salt to it and rinse as many times as possible. By this, the wound will heal quickly, blood will not come, the teeth will get relief and the condition will be as before as soon as possible.

The pain is not going away from the medicine, there are side-effects, is there any solution?

Keep taking the medicines, pills or prescription given to you by your dentist as per your advice. If there is no effect of medicines or there are some side-effects, then consult your dentist.

I am also taking medicines for other diseases, can I take them along with these medicines?

This question becomes very important and that too when many such cases have come up. If you are also taking medicine for any other disease, then you have to inform about it to both your doctors, because taking both the medicines can be fatal for you. If someone is taking medicines for liver, kidney, asthma, cancer or other major diseases, then it is necessary to consult them first. Asthma patients should avoid pain relief medicine called Ibuprofen, it is very dangerous for them.

When do I have to see the dentist?

Whenever you have got your tooth extracted and you are following all the medicines, precautions that your dentist has given you and there is no problem, So you don't need to see your dentist. Yes, it is mandatory to show you when the time of medicines and medicines is over. But if you are facing any kind of problem after tooth extraction, then it is very important for you to consult your dentist.

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