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Get a perfect smile for your wedding day with bridal dentistry at AMD Dental Clinic

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19th Aug 2021
Get a perfect smile for your wedding day with bridal dentistry

Imagine walking towards the mandap in your stunning attire, oh so good makeup and your hair done perfectly and multiple cameras flashing on you just for your perfect smile but there is something stopping you. Is it your gummy smile, discolored tooth or chipped tooth?

We are sure you wouldn't want any of your dental imperfections to be immortalized in your wedding pictures and make it a lifetime regret. All you want for a big day is to make your pearly whites shine through the night and dazzle your guests with that bright smile.

You spent thousands and lakhs of your money on a professional photographer to get amazing candid shots. But have you realised a fact that your photographer can not regrow your chipped tooth or fill in the gap between your teeth in his video. Cosmetics will help you get a beautiful face but a perfect dazzling smile and perfectly aligned teeth will make you look young, active and confident.

So, what can you do about it, that too with such a time constraint at your hands? Relax! Welcome to AMD Dental Clinic, a last minute go to place for you before your wedding. There are a lot of cosmetic dental procedures including the ones that you can start as late as just two weeks from your wedding. Let's not make you wait any further and dive right into them, so you can decide on the best for you.

Teeth cleaning:

First and foremost step in making your smile perfect is teeth cleaning. It is not your ordinary teeth cleaning! Scaling goes much deeper, below the gum line. The perfect treatment for that picture-perfect smile. Everyone has some amount of plaque build-up as a result of film of bacteria and saliva present in our mouth. In addition to this, presence of tartar is frequently noted among the young adults.

Your favourite beverage may be leaving its stains on your teeth. Very frequently we encounter chai, coffee, smoking stains on the teeth in spite of good oral hygiene. This stains are brownish- blackish in color and tightly adherent to your teeth. These stains impart a darker hue to your teeth which gets captured in high definition DSLRs. So it's a must to get your professional teeth cleaning done. Visit AMD Dental Clinic for an amazing relaxing teeth cleaning procedure by our specialists.

Teeth whitening:

Gone are the days of using dadi ke nuskhe for all your problems and using baking soda while brushing your teeth. Let the experts do their magic. When you are looking for an easy way to bring that shine to your smile, teeth whitening is a solid place to start. It is quickest, safest and the most effective option for the patients with healthy but yellow, discolored or stained teeth. It gets you beaming with pearly whites. It is performed after teeth cleaning to allow the increased action of bleaching agents on the teeth. It is a quick in-office procedure so you don't end up dawdling your precious time in a dental clinic.

Bleaching is beneficial in case of patients with sufficient enamel and stains which can be rectified by bleaching. However, sometimes patients become over enthusiastic after seeing the DIY videos and expect ten shades lighter teeth. It is risky to achieve such a great shade difference with bleaching as it possesses a risk on teeth sensitivity. Therefore, I prefer Veneers and laminates over bleaching as they are a permanent solution for your yellow and severely discolored teeth and are very durable.


For that star-studded smile customized just for you. Dental Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain or composite that is attached to the natural tooth to cosmetically enhance the smile and compliment your overall face. It can disguise heavy discoloration, chipped off, fractured teeth or even a gap in your smile. It is as thin as contact lens. This brings us to another information regarding dental veneers. There is a common myth about veneers, which is that dentist has to cut our tooth for veneers.

Our cosmetic dentist has few comments on this. Dr. Mili Gupta ensures that

The preparation for a dental veneer is hardly 0.5 mm on a very few surfaces of teeth, mostly over a single surface. Do not confuse veneers to tooth cap where dentists prepares an extensive tooth structure. Dental Veneers on contrary are very light, natural looking thin shells that are cemented to your front teeth. It is completely safe and no reported sensitivity after the veneer treatment was noted from any of my patients.

Feeling intrigued about these smile-enhancing procedures? It's time for you to get one from the best dental clinic in Jaipur where the team of best dentists leave no stone unturned to make sure your smile dazzles on your big day and you come up as your best confident self.

Which option did you like the most? Let us know!! For any further queries contact us on 9945826926!

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