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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Treatment - Everything You Need To Know

Wisdom Tooth
10 Jan 2022
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Treatment - Everything You Need To Know


The back molars in your mouth are called wisdom teeth. These are the last adult teeth that appear in your mouth during adulthood. The problem occurs when your mouth does not have any room for wisdom teeth. Due to no space to grow, the wisdom teeth may cause pain, infection, and different dental problems.

This is the time when your dentist advised you to go for a wisdom tooth removal treatment and may refer you to an oral surgeon. Wondering who's best in doing this procedure? Visit AMD Dental Clinic to get the best treatment at reasonable rates. Don't worry. Healing will only take a few days, and you'll get back to normal without any complications.

Wisdom tooth extraction is very common these days due to evolution of dental formula, and recovery after surgery is speedy except for those who've any complicated case. However, you can get detailed guidance before and after surgery from AMD Dental Clinic (Clinic for wisdom tooth removal).

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, emerge in your mouth during 17 to 29 years of age. These are the last permanent teeth, and some people don't have wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth aren't painful for everyone as some people develop them normally the same as other molars, but most people have painful wisdom teeth appearance due to no or less space in the mouth. In such people, the wisdom teeth do not explode fully but partially. The wisdom tooth could occur in the following directions:

  • Pointed towards the next tooth
  • Appear at the back of the mouth
  • Sometimes, the wisdom tooth embark within the jawbone
  • Trapped in the jawbone but direction might be straight up or down
  • No matter how tricky your wisdom tooth gets, the experts in AMD dental Clinic will handle it carefully yet perfectly.

How is wisdom tooth removal different from regular tooth removal

Wisdom teeth are typically difficult to remove than regular ones due to lack of clear access for instruments, tricky location, density of lower jaw bone, mouth opening of patient, etc. In comparison to regular extraction of a loose tooth, wisdom tooth extraction takes up more time and effort. The wisdom tooth removal treatment takes 30 minutes, but it could take 1 hour if the case is complicated. Don't worry. It'll not be painful at the time of extraction due to the influence of anesthesia.

In AMD Dental Clinic, the surgeon discusses everything with you before the surgery so that you'll be aware of every step and not complain later about anything.

Instructions To Be Followed After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Here are the instructions that one has to follow after the wisdom tooth extraction:

Quick Instructions

  • Limit your activities.
  • Do not spit.
  • Don't touch the wound area.
  • Make sure to rinse your mouth smoothly.
  • Apply the ice cubes to the cheeks outside of the surgery site.
  • Don't forget to throw the surgical pad after 1 hour of your surgery.
  • Start the prescribed medicines as soon as possible to get rid of the pain.

Additional Instruction


Those who feel low to moderate pain in their teeth can go for medicines like Ketorol. For severe pain or any complicated get the medicines prescribed by the doctor. However, if you start developing any side effects of medicine, stop taking it. Don't worry if you feel dizzy as pain medicines make your body relax results in dizziness. For Painless wisdom tooth removal, visit AMD Dental clinic.


Redness or bleeding in the saliva isn't unusual after wisdom tooth removal. That's why the gauze pad is placed to control the bleeding and bit it strongly for 60 minutes, then throw the pad. In case if the bleeding still doesn't stop, then biting the tea bag for 30 minutes that contains tannic acid helps in contracting blood vessels.

Vomiting & Nausea

Due to ingestion of blood, patient may experience of vomiting. Also the patient may experience nausea as a common side effect of antibiotics prescribed. Don’t worry and contact your dentist.


Some people face swelling issues around the cheeks, mouth, or face sides. Don't worry; this is the body's normal reaction that will get back to normal eventually. To reduce the effects of swelling, apply ice often in first 24 hours. Switch the ice with moist heat after 24 hours of surgery. The moist heat will help remove the discoloration that might occur in some patients due to blood spreading under tissues.

Care of Extraction wound after wisdom tooth removal

  • After wisdom tooth extraction, the wound might take one to two weeks to heal, and during this period, one should take good care of the extraction site.
  • If your mouth or cheeks get swollen, apply the cold cloth or ice cube on your face to reduce it.
  • You might have major bruising on the cheek that will go away with time. Apply the moist heat to dull the bruise slowly and gradually.
  • Avoid aggressive activities or exercise for some days.
  • Use painkillers to take care of the pain.
  • To support your head, use an extra pillow at night.
  • Avoid hot drinks, spitting, rinsing, or anything to help the healing process.
  • Don't drink alcohol or smoke for 24- 72 hours.
  • Take liquids or eat soft food for some days.
  • Use warm saline rinse to keep the extraction site clean and hasten the healing process.

Dry Socket

Have you ever heard of dry sockets?

Or are you suffering from severe pain few days after tooth extraction?

Well, It is a painful dental condition that occurs after removing a wisdom tooth extraction. A dry socket occurs when the blood clot dissolves or dislodges before the surgical wound heal, or the blood clot might fail to develop. In some cases, the dry socket heals on its own, but the patient might experience pain and discomfort during healing. Generally, the dry socket lasts for a week. However, you can visit AMD Dental Clinic, a Clinic for wisdom tooth removal to get the expert's help in case of any complications.


Wisdom tooth extraction might sound scary, but don’t you worry if you have right dentist. Choose your surgeon wisely. We at AMD Dental Clinic, have highly experienced and skilled surgeons to ensure that you have a very smooth experience of wisdom tooth extraction. So, feel free to visit the AMD Dental Clinic to get the expert's advice or help.

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