Covid 19 protocols followed at AMD Dental Clinic

The current pandemic has placed patients undergoing dental treatment at a high risk of Cross-infection. The year 2020 has undoubtedly become a notable milestone in terms of fundamental change in dental practices. Most dental procedures typically require close contact with the patient’s mouth, saliva, blood, and respiratory tract secretions. We at AMD Dental Clinic recognize the profound gravity of the situation and respect the patient's rights to dental care. Hence, we have upgraded our practice as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. AMD Dental Clinic has adopted all the precautions, and safety measures to keep you safe.

We were never halted during the peak Covid times and yet we legitimately claim that none of our patients were cross infected from AMD Dental Clinic as we ensured 100% safety of patients.

- Dr. Mili Gupta (Director, AMD Dental Clinic)

The efficient management of AMD Dental Clinic strictly follows the following rules:

  • We ensure that all the doctors and staff have been rigorously tested for Covid 19 before resuming the work.
  • We ensure the continuous availability of sufficient three-layer masks and sanitizers and paper towels within the practice.
  • The practice has been well ventilated to progressively reduce the aerosol load as per the guidelines of MOHFW.
  • The trained and dedicated staff has been appointed to be responsible for carrying out sterilization and storage as per the standard guidelines and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The entire clinic is fumigated every day to ensure the microbial load to be minimum making us your Safest dental clinic in Jaipur.
  • All the chemicals (hypochlorite, sanitizer, handwash, colin, toilet cleaner) required for disinfection have been satisfactorily arranged for.
  • Necessary arrangements for cleaning of premises and areas potentially contaminated with the microorganism before their re-use are ensured.
  • 2 step cleaning procedure as per official guidelines is undertaken for floors and other surfaces using detergent and freshly prepared 1% sodium hypochlorite.
  • We wear precisely N95 face masks, protective face shields, and sterile gloves along with coverall for all the procedures irrespective of the probable duration of the appointment.
  • The 4-handed technique is implemented for combating the spread of infection wherein an assistant helps the doctor so as to reduce the risk of contamination.

For the patients

  • We encourage our patients to have a teleconsultation before any appointments to identify their current medical condition.
  • We encourage patients to procure a prior appointment and reach the clinic at the appointed time to eliminate the waiting time and thus the risk of cross-infection.
  • We strongly believe in empty waiting areas. Your time is yours only. We do not believe in making our patients wait.
  • On the arrival of the patient and guardian, body temperature is measured utilizing an infrared thermometer and oxygen saturation is checked using a pulse oximeter.
  • We make the patient rinse their mouth with mouthwash for 30 seconds before starting with any treatment.
  • We guarantee that all the instruments and materials used (including patient drapes) are fully sterilized.
  • All necessary visual alerts have been prominently displayed at the entrance of the facility and in strategic areas (e.g., waiting area, restroom) about respiratory hygiene, social distancing, and disposal of contaminated items in trash cans.
  • Cashless/contactless payment methods are encouraged to keep you at bay from infections. We accept all cards and UPI payments so no need to instantly run at the last moment to the ATM.

Necessary precautions adopted after the patient leaves the clinic

  • Cover all the clinical areas with hypochlorite spray and leaving it for 10 minutes.
  • All the disposable items like suction tube, glass, RVG sensor covers are discarded.
  • Removal of all the equipments and instruments used in the patient and moved to processing area.
  • Cleaning and sterilization of all the instruments are done followed by packaging them in disposable pouches and storing them in UV Chamber.
  • Disinfecting and moping of the entire room as per the standard protocols is carried out.

We encourage Video consultation.

  • The team tries to provide maximum support and care via video consultation as this not only gives our patients peace of mind but additionally provides them with a fast and effective diagnosis from their dentist to learn whether they need treatment.
  • It relieves the patient's anxiety as they can take the treatment from the comfort of their home. Our sole purpose behind this service is to improve your access to AMD Dental Clinic, by giving you the convenient option of scheduling dental appointments virtually for a number of reasons and dental health care concerns.

What would be the video consultation like?

  • You will be able to send any videos or pictures of symptoms you are having and your dentist will thoroughly examine those to understand your condition.
  • If the condition is not severe and can be remedied by changing your oral hygiene and general oral care habits, the dentist will provide you with a virtual plan.
  • In any other case, your dentist may suggest an in-person examination or treatment according to the symptoms.

All the above-mentioned details have become possible as we have a team of the Best Dentists making AMD Dental Clinic the Best Dental Clinic in Jaipur.