AMS X-ray Machine for chairside X ray and flawless diagnosis

To treat any medical condition, a doctor has need of detailed knowledge of the disease or infection. One of the efficient ways to procure detailed information is a dental X-ray, which typically allows a doctor to get the exact information on the afflicted area.

Dental X-rays require different equipment with super-precision and the ability to move around according to the needs of dentists. AMD Dental Clinic, being the best in dental care, popularly uses the AMS 6010-E/IX70X-ray machine.

AMS 6010-E X-ray machine is capable of all directional movement with an angular indication which enables perfect positioning for a dentist to instantly get a perfect exposure in a dental X-ray.

The AMS 6010-E/IX70X-ray machine typically allows reliable operation and optimal performance. Its robust and sturdy designs offer resistance to abrasion.

This X-ray machine can be traditionally operated with remote or push buttons and has a minimal exposure time of lesser than 3 seconds which makes the whole treatment faster with optimized performance. At AMD Dental Clinic, we naturally have thyroid collar and lead aprons available for dear doctors and patients for their guaranteed safety. These protective aids are especially useful in the specific case of a pregnant patient where we typically need to properly protect the foetus. Therefore, making us your best dental clinic in Jaipur.

Your best dental clinic, AMD Dental Clinic, looks out for a patient's comfort, so we naturally prefer an efficient machine that can allow maximum flexibility. X-ray machine that allows a patient to be seated at his/her position where our best dentists can take the dental X-ray. To graciously offer a painless and comfortable treatment for any problem related to dental health correctly is our utmost priority at AMD Dental Clinic.