Best Root canal treatment with col-canalpro

In case you are pondering how our best dentists take measurements and locate the apex in the critical area of a patient's mouth while performing treatments like a Root Canal treatment (RCT), well the answer to that is we at AMD Dental Clinic use Col CanalPro Mini Apex Locator.

Col Canal pro mini apex locator is an Electronic Apex Locator which provides a reliable and more accurate technique of confirming the working length of the root canal. It displays the movement of the file inside the canal from the beginning of the measurements to the end, providing meticulous measurements to our dentists. The custom color display of the CanalPro Apex helps to achieve optimal performance during the determination of the working length and apex localization. CanalPro also offers audio notifications that the file tip has attained the selected position near the apex.

Electronic measurements are more precise and accurate than radiographic determination. It allows our best dentists to measure two alternate frequencies. It is quite a user-friendly device, which offers accuracy of measurement & virtual Apex Function which enables to mark a predestined position makes it a choice of the best dental clinic in Jaipur.