In house dental lab in Jaipur at AMD Dental Clinic

One of the key reasons why AMD Dental Clinic stands out from the crowd of dental clinics is that AMD Dental Clinic has its in-office dental lab to make sure our patients positively receive the best fitting and highest quality products. Traditionally having an in-office dental lab allows dentists at AMD Dental Clinic to instantly make precise and accurate corrections of Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, Zirconia crowns, etc.

AMD Dental Clinic's in-office dental lab is adequately equipped with various instruments like Marathon SDE- M33E MICROMOTOR, NSK EX- 6B micromotor handpiece, ceramic grinding drills, and polishing kit, etc.

NSK EX- 6B micromotor handpiece allows not only cost-effective powerful cutting but also an ergonomic and well-balanced instrument that graciously allows good accessibility and provides a superb grip. Marathon SDE- M33E Micro Motor Machine is an instrument made with a motor and a pencil-like instrument for cutting, grinding, and polishing.

AMD Dental Clinic possesses a dynamic range of polishing kit which comes with instruments for contouring, finishing and polishing all types of composite restorations.

Additional advantages of in-house dental lab

  • • Patients who are missing one or just a few of their teeth can be offered partial and removable dentures
  • • Various kinds of Dental crowns can be restored to their required size and shape.
  • • To use sophisticated equipment and instruments in the laboratory
  • • Allow full examination of patient's dental features and adjacent teeth.
  • • Shorter time for treatment
  • • Lower cost of dental implant treatment

Your best dental clinic tries to progressively reduce the time of your dental clinic visit by offering multiple high-quality equipments at the in-office dental laboratory.