Intra-dental imaging sensor Ezsensor by Vatech

Sometimes dental X-rays are not enough for a dentist to adequately understand the exact root of pain in the patient's mouth, in such cases, AMD Dental Clinic uses VATECH Sensors for best vertical & horizontal bitewings and all periapical radiographs.

Sophisticated VATECH EZ Sensor Classic RVG sensor is ideal for patients and dentists as well, for a patient it saves adverse effects of radiation, and for a dentist, it saves time-consuming multiple retake procedure. The rounded & cut edges of the VATECH EZ Sensor Classic RVG sensor adequately provide the best possible comfort for the patients. It efficiently captures a wide range of exposure settings with a consistent and diagnosable image.

Our best dentists sincerely believe in VATECH EZ Sensor Classic RVG sensor because of its high contrast feature which allows dentists to check the detail of diverse opacity and which is easily transferable in the system nearby with its USB support. Images derived from VATECH EZ are clinically meaningful, extremely clear, and highly detailed, a dentist can efficiently store these images in the system and examine those with the tremendous ability of zooming without distortion. VATECH EZ generates images with a resolution of 17 lp/mm, and it can be instantly accessed on 34% more area of mouth compared to its competitors, allowing our best dentists to comprehend the etiology of pain and it allows them to decide the treatment for the same. This technology is hardly available at many dental clinics in Jaipur, leading to inaccurate diagnosis and adoption of radical treatment like tooth removal when a tooth can be well saved due to lack of chairside dental X-ray unit. We at AMD Dental Clinic adopt the technology to reduce patient's pain and deliver precision especially in cases of dental implants and RCT where a dentist depends upon a dental X-ray at each and every necessary step.