Metal and Ceramic dental braces for maligned teeth

Everyone deserves a perfect smile, but not everyone is born with it, sometimes it takes some external work of highly qualified dentists to make a smile perfect. We at AMD Dental Clinic make sure to treat every improperly aligned tooth and make a smile perfect using multiple types of braces.

Metal Braces:

Metal braces (tooth clips in layman terms) have been used for a long time. Their success in treating the alignment and cost of metal braces has many times made the patient overlook the esthetic disadvantage. As they offer sufficient strength, chip-off resistance, promising results, and excellent corrosion resistance, we don't want to discontinue them in our practice hence we try to use various coloured ligatures to keep up the interest of patients in metallic braces. However, as these Metal braces remain in the patient's mouth for a long time, it's important to make sure of using the best quality braces. AMD Dental Clinic offers brands like 3M and ORMCO to patients when it comes to Metal braces. These are made from high-quality stainless steel or titanium alloys.

Ceramic braces:

If you are a patient who wishes to go for braces that are not easily visible, then we offer 3M ceramic braces. These braces are made up of ceramic which is tooth-colored material and helps to mimic your tooth making them almost invisible. Ceramic braces are very comfortable due to reduced friction. AMD Dental Clinic offers various products and brands when it comes to braces, that takes care of all patient's dental needs as well as makes sure of the affordable cost of ceramic braces.