High precision impression material for dental implant: Aquasil monophase

When a dentist needs to measure infinitesimal details which include the measure in micrometres for a patient's dental needs, it has to be a material that captures the finest detail in a moist oral field, delivering highly accurate impressions because a wrong measurement can result in bad consequences, which includes improper fitting of an appliance for a patient. Being the best dental clinic in Jaipur, AMD Dental Clinic makes sure of eliminating any kind of risk which can put the patient in a vulnerable position.

AMD Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in Jaipur uses Aquasil Monophase which represents a successful product of the well-known brand Dentsply. Aquasil is famous for carefully recording the most intricate details in a moist (because of saliva) oral field, making highly accurate impressions (measurement in layman terms) of a patient's dental needs. Aquasil Monophase typically has the lowest possible contact angle, and it adapts better to the tooth structure and sulcus, whilst minimizing voids and bubbles that might typically lead to the poor prosthesis. It additionally offers a pleasant mint scent. It is perfect for recording positions for bone graft's, veneers, crowns, post space, etc. So visit us for the best fitting prosthesis at your best dental clinic in Jaipur.