Coltemp temporization Provisional Material for temporary crowns

My dentist has cut my tooth for a crown and now I am embarrassed to smile till I get a crown.

This is a common worry among patients. We are your best dental clinic in Jaipur understand how demotivating it can be to go home with your teeth looking like miniature. Hence, we provide our patient with a chair-side temporary crown (teeth cap) facility. Hence next time you get your tooth prepared (tooth cut in layman terms), no need to wait for 1-2 days for a temporary crown or 3-4 days for the permanent crown. Also, these temporary crowns undoubtedly help the dentist to understand your expectation from the permanent crown, in terms of shade, size, shape, etc. We offer Coltene Cool Temp which is extremely durable and the temporary crown can survive up to weeks. It is mostly used for dental implants, crowns and bridges, veneer, etc. It is biocompatible. There is no sudden increase in temperature while it is setting, making it the best material for temporary crown in regards to the health of tooth pulp. It sets quickly in a few minutes and is dimensionally stable and load resistant. It bears the same color as the tooth hence esthetically pleasing. It comes in three shades and offers excellent polish ability. Coltene Cool Temp offers a quick, efficient procedure and pain-free restoration. It makes Coltene Cool Temp the preferred material for temporization by the Best dentists in Jaipur.