Everstick fibers for missing teeth, teeth splinting and retainers

AMD Dental Clinic offers a single visit fibre reinforced crown and bridge using Everstick fibers. Its unique fibre reinforcement is used to make bridge chairside, temporary artificial bridges, inlay and Onlay bridges. EverStick fiber reinforcements are made of silanated glass fibers in thermoplastic polymer and light-curing resin matrix. Proper bonding between the fibers and composite is the key factor for a successful treatment. Everstick is available at a moderate price, making it affordable to everyone. It allows dentists to offer metal-free, prosthetic treatment choices for a patient's treatment. EverStick can be used in both parts, i.e. anterior and posterior restorations. Various benefits of EverStick include its application in cases of urgency or trauma, or when a patient is looking for a low cost treatment for missing teeth. Also, it provides an immediate solution on missing teeth. One of the main reasons why our dentists prefer EverStick is because it allows instant solutions while keeping other treatment options available for the patient ever needing them in the future. AMD Dental Clinic offers all EverStick treatments at affordable prices in Jaipur, Rajasthan.