IPS Emax dental crowns with 15 years warranty for front teeth

If you earnestly desire a life-like artificial tooth crown (tooth cap in layman terms) visit AMD Dental Clinic. The latest IPS Emax crowns and veneers available have excellent camouflage and this instantly makes them your best choice for tooth cap or veneer in the front tooth region. These are milled from blocks of lithium disilicate which is glass-like material and hence provides brilliant translucency. A common misnomer is doubt upon their excellent durability. At AMD Dental Clinic, we provide you very tough and durable Emax crowns covered under standard warranty so no considerable tension of chipping. IPS E-Max is suitable for constructing single-unit tooth crowns of varieties like Veneers, Inlays, Onlays & screw-based implant crowns. These are pure ceramic (porcelain) and no metal coating inside hence making them extremely good in terms of biocompatibility and no leaching of metal in gums. In terms of teeth crown cost, E-Max is a comparatively expensive crown but it is long-lasting and offers many added advantages. Comparing tooth crowns before any procedure and clearing doubts of a patient remain the most significant thing for any dental procedure. At AMD Dental Clinic, our specialist doctors make sure of solving all queries of patients before the procedure.