Best in class tooth colored tooth filling in Jaipur

Our dentists have seen people getting silver amalgam tooth fillings for their teeth over the years which leave you with blackish-silver deposits on your teeth and hence you can never get past this blackish silver laugh. Moreover, comprehensive studies have scientifically proven that this material poses a serious threat of mercury toxicity which is one of the key components of the silver amalgam teeth filling.

AMD Dental Clinic considers your safety as number 1 priority and practices only biocompatible, non-toxic, and highly esthetic alternatives for teeth filling. In our armamentarium, we, fortunately, have composite (esthetic tooth filling material) of the best of the brands like Ivoclar, Shofu, 3M, etc. We have tooth filling cost as reasonable as possible for you. The advantage of composite over silver amalgam dental filling is that it imparts an excellent tooth-like appearance and is very easy to manipulate. Also, tooth filling can be done very conservatively in comparison to silver where extensive tooth structure is undoubtedly lost to typically give it a box shape. tooth filling cost is too less and traditionally depends on the material and quality.

Not to brag but Shofu composites adequately provide a quick two-second flash-cure that provides easy marginal clean-up. The low 12 ┬Ám film thickness typically allows extra space in tight-fit situations and nearly undetectable margins.

3M composites have naturally increased opacity for improved esthetics, outstanding strength for anterior and posterior dental filling along with excellent polish retention.

Meanwhile, Ivoclar composites offer fast (10 seconds) curing, excellent physical properties & Medium translucency for all desired shades.

Based on the necessity of the patient, dentists suggest you the best tooth filling material. Patients can ask their queries and make the appropriate decision for selecting the right material with the valuable assistance of Dr. Mili Gupta.