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A few years back when I got my orthodontic treatment, the technology like invisible aligners were not very much researched. However, due to advancements in technology, we can provide the facility of clear aligners to our patient at AMD Dental Clinic.

Apart from traditional metal braces and ceramic braces which both use bracket and archwire as their base elements, there is one more type of braces that corrects the alignment in a slightly different style, without the use of bracket and archwire, these are called invisible aligners.

Invisible aligners are made up of clear and hard plastic and are virtually invisible. More importantly, these aligners are removable, unlike other options.

Invisible /clear aligners are custom built for each patient, and typically used for mild or moderately crowded teeth, or have minor spacing issues amongst the patients. The working of clear aligners is a bit different from that of traditional braces. First, our best dentists at AMD Dental Clinic make some mouth impressions and models and get some dental radiographs to get measurements for aligners. In the next step clear aligners are fabricated according to measurements and treatment plan for the final outcome. The treatment is broken down in various parts. Depending upon the case, a number of desired clear aligners required during the entire treatment is decided. Once a set of aligners are made, they are offered to the patient to start the treatment. At regular intervals the patient is given new set for further repositioning of the teeth. Ultimately, once the teeth are at the desired position and angulation, fixed or removable retainers are placed to help prevent the relapse.

Our dentists keep check on invisible aligners, during the repositioning process. This type of braces is the most opted esthetic treatment plan among adolescents and adults.

Advantages of clear aligners braces -

  1. 1. With no wires and brackets, they are more comfortable to wear.
  2. 2. With crystal clear hard plastic, these aligners are rarely visible which keeps your smile attractive.
  3. 3. Invisible braces like Invisalign can be removed while eating, brushing, and flossing your tooth, which offers you comfort while eating and helps to maintain dental hygiene.
  4. 4. They are metal-free.
  5. 5. They are very easy to maintain, they can be cleaned with bleach and water to eliminate stains.
  6. 6. If your job profile requires a lot of social interaction, go for Invisible aligners.

With clear aligners braces, it takes 10 months to 24 months to reposition and align teeth properly. Our best dentists while running tests and scans make sure to discuss every small detail of the treatment with the patient, to make him/her aware of clear aligners. AMD Dental Clinic is providing industry-leading invisible aligners in Jaipur.

Preserve clear aligners braces better with the below tips

  1. • Regularly wash them with water after removal.
  2. • Brush and floss your teeth before wearing aligners.
  3. • Don't clean clear aligner with toothpaste, use a mild detergent or dental cleaners.

Visit AMD Dental Clinic for the best clear aligners braces treatment in jaipur and state-to-art dental practices. Give your teeth a better alignment they deserve!!

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