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A smile makeover is that part of dentistry that deals with various dental issues to make a person's smile perfect. A typical smile makeover includes processes like teeth whitening, bridges, veneers, partial dentures and natural-looking filling. A smile makeover is an investment that helps patients gain a beautiful aesthetically pleasing smile and appearance which boosts person's confidence greatly.

While doing a smile makeover for a patient, a patient might get this curiosity of how the result will make him look after treatment is complete. Our dentists at AMD Dental Clinic use the smile mock-up technique to let a patient know about the look of his/her smile after the makeover beforehand. It helps a patient decide to opt for permanent treatment. Building mock-ups and working on approved mock-ups helps build confidence between a patient and the dentists. The process of making a mock-up starts with communication with the patient about his/her desired smile, our dentists make impressions accordingly to make models. Once the wax-up design is finalised, an index is fabricated using silicone. This index is filled with the temporization material, is added over a patient's teeth to allow the patient and dentist to observe changes in the smile. Sometimes a patient may need more time to decide on a mock-up or he/she wants to consider family or partner's opinion, then the mock-up can be worn to home. Our dentists take images of the original smile and mock-up added to a smile to clearly state the difference to the patient.

The major reason why a patient needs a smile makeover

1. Fractured tooth

Our teeth possess a hard shell on the outer part which protects the softer inner pulp and blood vessels, any damage, breakage or cracking on the outer hard part of the tooth is considered as a fracture. A fracture may or may not cause pain to the patient, depending on the type of damage. Usually chewing on hard food, butting down or accidents or a sporting fall can cause dental fractures. Treating fractured teeth is very important as it can lead to tooth sensitivity, poor esthetics and chewing problems if left untreated. Fractured teeth can be treated in various ways at AMD Dental Clinic, it depends on the severity of the fracture. Our Best Cosmetic Dentists recommend a dental cap or a thin covering dental veneer over a tooth to cover the fracture. If the damage is severe and it has reached towards pulp then a root canal helps followed by a dental cap. In case of vertical root fractured or unsalvageable cases, tooth extraction has to be carried out. Prescribing the right treatment to correct fracture depends on the severity and dental history as well. AMD Dental Clinic provides an accurate treatment and cost of repair of fractured tooth lies in a very affordable range.

2. Gaps between teeth

Spaces between teeth is a common problem. These spaces can be found anywhere in the mouth, but two upper front teeth are the noticeable place for this gap. It is also called diastema. These gaps between teeth can affect a patient's smile greatly. Other than its aesthetic disadvantages these gaps create pockets in teeth and gums, where the food gets stuck. This can make gums sore and tender which can further lead to gum disease. Teeth gaps can be easily treated with various treatment options at AMD Dental Clinic. One of the best ways to treat teeth caps permanently is braces, braces are advantageous if the teeth gaps are too large. Dental bonding is the most affordable dental treatment for filling the gap between 2 front teeth. It uses a tooth-coloured filling material which is bonded on the natural teeth such that it eliminates any gap. Our Cosmetic dentist recommends a more permanent treatment option of dental veneers to mask the gap, and requires minimum tooth preparation. The cost of filling gap between teeth depends on the treatment modality the patient has chosen. Proper guidance is provided to the patient to make his/ her decision.

3. Crooked teeth

It is very easy for anyone to spot crooked and crowded teeth and it is the most common problem in the smile makeover treatment. Many kids and adults have noticeably crooked, rotated teeth that are out of alignment and can sometimes ruin a smile. It might not be the case every time but for those patients who are looking for a nice straight and symmetrical smile, treating crooked teeth is the most important thing for them. Habits such as sucking on the thumb in childhood, trauma and tooth decay are the common reasons for crooked and crowded teeth. Poor dental hygiene and jaw size can also affect teeth positions. Crooked and crowded teeth can be treated, our best dentists treat crooked teeth with treatments such as veneers, braces and cosmetic bonding. Veneers are directly mounted on facial surface of front teeth and are shaped to instantly transform your smile. Invisible braces can be used to mould the patient's teeth into correct the alignment. The invisible/ clear aligners are barely noticeable and offer a permanent solution. Our dentists apply a composite resin on the front surface of the affected teeth to painlessly correct crooked teeth.

4. Teeth jewellery

Youngsters visit us for tooth studs. If a patient wants an embezzled smile, AMD Dental Clinic offers tooth jewellery that helps a patient get a unique smile with a fashionable approach. Tooth jewellery is a small ornament that patients choose from a wide range, to be placed on his/her teeth. Our dentists fix the jewellery on the patient's tooth with a dental bonding material that is 100% safe and can be removed according to a patient's desire. A patient can choose a little diamond, initials of the name, or birthstone to be placed on the tooth. Wearing tooth jewellery do not tamper with your health and you can follow regular dental hygiene activities such as brushing and flossing with it, however, if the jewellery is not placed by a professional it can fall off and you can lose it forever, thus it is very important to choose a qualified and experienced dentist like our dentists at AMD Dental Clinic to get the teeth jewellery.

Advantages of a smile makeover

If you are a person who is conscious while presenting at college or office because of your smile, then a smile makeover can help you boost your confidence. A smile makeover offers a white and bright smile which creates a great first impression. A smile makeover involves correction in gaps and fractured teeth which ultimately results in better dental hygiene and improved chewing function. If you are thinking about improving your smile, AMD Dental Clinic is the best place to get a smile makeover in Jaipur.

Meet our Cosmetic dentistry expert

Dr. Mili Gupta excels in making your smile perfect. She has won aesthetic competition conducted by a well-known brand GC. Also she was nominated for "Best Post graduate student" by Indian Dental Divas for her exceptional work in field of aesthetics and smile makeover. She uses her keen interest in field of cosmetic dentistry to make your smile flawless.

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What are dental cosmetics?

Dental cosmetics go beyond just achieving a bright smile. We offer a variety of procedures to enhance the aesthetics of your smile and boost your confidence. Our experienced cosmetic dentists will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific concerns and goals.

What dental cosmetic procedures are available?

AMD Dental Clinic offers a comprehensive range of dental cosmetic procedures, including: * Teeth whitening: Achieve a dramatically brighter smile with our in-office or take-home whitening options. * Dental veneers: Thin, custom-made shells applied to the front surface of teeth to address chips, cracks, discoloration, or misalignment. * Dental bonding: A tooth-colored resin used to repair minor chips, cracks, gaps, or improve the shape of teeth. * Gum contouring: Reshaping the gum line for a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile. * Smile makeovers: Combining various cosmetic procedures to create a complete smile transformation.

Who is a candidate for dental cosmetics?

Dental cosmetics can benefit patients who desire to improve the appearance of their smile. Whether you have concerns about discoloration, chips, cracks, misalignment, or uneven gum lines, our dentists can discuss your goals and recommend suitable procedures to achieve your desired outcome.

What are the benefits of dental cosmetics?

Dental cosmetics offer numerous benefits: * Enhanced aesthetics and a more confident smile * Improved self-esteem and social interaction * Potential improvements in speech and chewing function * Increased motivation for maintaining good oral hygiene

What can I expect during a consultation for dental cosmetics?

During a consultation for dental cosmetics, our dentists will: * Discuss your cosmetic goals and concerns * Examine your teeth and gums * Review your dental history and X-rays (if necessary) * Explain the various cosmetic treatment options available * Recommend the most suitable procedures to achieve your desired results * Address any questions you may have Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire process.