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Kids dental treatment or Pediatric Dentist

As an adult, we take care of our dental health with the habits taught to us in childhood. These habits stay with us our whole life; we may improve gradually but the basics remain the same. It is fundamentally important to inculcate kid's good dental habits and keep a constant check on them.

Children go through many body changes, including their teeth. These changes hugely impact the facial structure and teeth position. In this period of change, regular visits to the dentist can make sure of the health and proper alignment of a child's teeth.

Kid's dental treatment is a widely different and sometimes difficult procedure than adult treatment. It can be challenging for a kid to describe the exact problem he/she is facing. Unlike adults, kids cannot understand the treatment as adults do and are often scared of so many instruments and new faces. In such cases dentists need to be friendly with kids, make them comfortable and recognize their exact problem. Our dentists, Dr. Mili Gupta is super child friendly and loved by all the kids treated at the AMD Dental Clinic.

In India, parents still hesitate to take their child to see the dentist, and most of them take it for granted, but kids should be visiting a dentist twice a year for regular check-ups.

Let's understand the common dental problem faced by kids.

1. Dental Caries/Cavity

Cavities present the most widespread dental problems in children. Cavities are also known as tooth decay, permanently damaging areas in a tooth. Cavities occur when dental plaque eats at an outer surface of a tooth called enamel and causes a hole. Cavities frequently develop when children don't properly brush their teeth. White spots on the tooth, Sensitivity to cold foods or drinks, Swelling, Dark spots on the tooth are typical symptoms of cavities.

Our dentists treat cavities with a dental filling procedure. This involves the removal of tooth decay and filling the hole with a high-quality tooth-colored tooth filling material. A dental filling can save or preserve the tooth.

If the tooth pulp is infected, pulpotomy and pulpectomy procedures are carried out. Here, the infected pulp is removed, and canals are shaped and cleaned. The obturation is done using metapex which resorbs as the permanent tooth grows in its place.

However, if the tooth affected has a poor prognosis, then our dentists extract the milk tooth. Our best dentists at AMD Dental Clinic acknowledge the importance of milk teeth and if they extract the tooth, they use a space maintainer to maintain the space for the growth of the permanent tooth.

2. Teeth Extraction

Dental crowding and teeth alignments are common scenarios that are found in kids. The primary reason for these issues is the non-removal of the primary teeth. These primary teeth are also known as Over-retained milk teeth. They do not allow enough space for permanent teeth to grow in which can further lead to many dental issues. Our best dentists recommend extracting these over-retained milk teeth to allow the correct eruption of adult teeth.

If primary teeth are not extracted at the right time, it can lead to malaligned teeth, which later require treatments like braces for proper alignment. Teeth extraction is required according to the patient's needs.

Tooth extraction may be carried out for dental braces treatment.

Also in case of trauma, avulsion, and fracture of the tooth, tooth extraction may be required.

Painless tooth extraction remains our promise to your kids. Therefore don't hesitate, procure an appointment now for painless tooth extraction

3. Dental Braces

Teeth Braces are orthodontic devices that help in correcting the misalignment of teeth in kids as well as adults. Teeth Braces (Tooth clip) help realign the teeth and the jaw and correct a patient's smile. Children between 13 and 16 years of age are the most common age group to get dental braces. Dental Braces principally consist of brackets and archwires. Our best dentists affix brackets on the patient's teeth, these brackets are attached with the archwire. Our dentists position archwire in such a way that it applies gentle and constant pressure on teeth to reposition them. AMD Dental Clinic, being the best dental clinic in Jaipur offers various types of dental braces for kids. Major types of braces for children are Traditional Metal braces, Clear Braces and Clear Aligners. Braces improve your child's smile and boost confidence. They also correct the alignment and minimize the unwanted teeth gap to equally distribute the force of mastication. In addition, we have removable orthodontic appliances available for minor misalignment.

4. Fluoride varnish to prevent tooth decay

Fluoride varnish is a dental treatment to help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride varnish slows down or stops tooth decay from getting worse. Fluoride varnish is painted thoroughly on each tooth with a small brush by our dentists. Varnish over teeth hardens once it comes in contact with saliva in your child's mouth. Fluoride varnish is extremely safe and it is employed and recommended by dentists and doctors all over the world. It is the most convenient way to help prevent tooth decay in children. Our best dentists recommend this treatment 2-4 times a year for kids, depending on the likeliness of children to get a cavity. Most importantly, the child can go back to eating normal food within 4-6 hours.

5. Trauma to teeth and bleeding/Injury to teeth/ tooth chipping

Kids are playful and always learning some new things, while doing that they take falls, get themselves hurt. Kids are prone to damage their teeth by this trauma or injury or small accidents while playing. It causes chipped, cracked, or completed detachment of tooth which results in immense pain and increased sensitivity. In such cases, our kid specialist dentists perform a thorough scan of the full mouth of a kid, look for the exact impact and cause, which helps them decide the severity of the damage. If the fractured portion is limited to enamel, we can do tooth filling. If the fractured portion extends up to a pulp, pulpectomy is required followed by a tooth crown. If the level of fracture is below CEJ then orthodontic and various other factors are taken into consideration. If at all the tooth is impossible to save due to the quality of trauma, we provide painless tooth removal for your kids. Our dentists use space maintainers until the permanent tooth grows in its position. Dentists at AMD Dental Clinic further prescribe medicines and antibiotics that help to put off a child at ease.

6. Space maintainers

Space maintainers are dental appliances that are ordinarily used to manage premature baby tooth loss. Space maintainers prevent misalignment of teeth also known as malocclusions and overcrowding. If your child loses teeth prematurely, due to any incident, disease, decay, or trauma, space maintainers ensure ample space for permanent teeth to grow without misalignment. Space maintainers can be fixed or removable and they can be unilateral or bilateral. Fixed unilateral space maintainers maintain space on just one side of the mouth while bilateral space maintainers are placed after teeth are lost on both sides of the mouth. Space maintainers minimize the need for dental braces in the future while encouraging the appropriate growth of permanent teeth inside the bone. It does not cause any pain to the child and is safest to use. Our dentists recommend space maintainers for kids as it has the highest success rate and it can help beautify your kid's smile with the smallest treatment.

AMD Dental Clinic prefers keeping dental treatment for kids pain-free and colorful. Our dentists bond with these kids, they firstly eliminate any anxiety a child is carrying and often talk about the child's preference to make him/her comfortable in the clinical environment, which helps dentists to examine thoroughly to reach the exact pain point. AMD Dental Clinic is excellently equipped with wall-mounted TV where kids can watch their favorite cartoon making them relaxed. Furthermore, earphones with lovely poems and parent's presence besides them help your kids to feel safe, increasing their acceptance towards the treatment. Explaining procedures and the importance of healthy brushing and flossing habits to kids and parents can sound gibberish, consequently, our dentists use animations and cartoons to retain maximum attention from kids. Kids respond to these animations positively and don't hesitate while asking their curiosities to our dentists. Kids love visiting AMD Dental Clinic because our dentists surprise them with gifts and treat to motivate them through complicated procedures. Our best dentists make sure of offering pressure and anxiety-free treatment to children to improve the success rate of treatment. The vision and friendly working styles of our dentists make the AMD Dental Clinic the best dental clinic for kids in Jaipur.

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Why is children's dentistry important?

Children's dentistry focuses on the unique oral health needs of children from infancy to adolescence. Regular dental checkups and preventive care during these formative years are crucial for establishing healthy habits and preventing future dental problems. Our experienced and friendly pediatric dentists create a positive dental experience for your child, ensuring a healthy and confident smile throughout their development.

What services does AMD Dental Clinic offer for children's dentistry?

AMD Dental Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services for children's dentistry, including: * Infant oral health examinations and guidance for parents * Regular checkups and cleanings to monitor growth and prevent cavities * Fluoride treatments to strengthen developing teeth * Early intervention for bite problems or misalignment * Fun and age-appropriate dental procedures to minimize anxiety * Education on proper oral hygiene habits for children

What can I expect during my child's first dental appointment?

At your child's first dental appointment, our focus is on creating a comfortable and positive experience. Our pediatric dentists will gently examine your child's teeth and gums, answer any questions you may have, and provide guidance on proper oral hygiene at home. We strive to make your child feel welcome and build trust from their very first visit.

How can I help my child prepare for their dental appointment?

You can help your child prepare for their dental appointment by talking to them about the importance of dental care in a positive way. Read children's books about visiting the dentist or watch educational videos together. Our friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions your child may have and ensure a smooth and comfortable experience.

What are some tips for maintaining good oral health in children at home?

Here are some tips for maintaining good oral hygiene in children at home: * Brush your child's teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste appropriate for their age. * Flossing daily becomes important as soon as children have teeth that touch. * Limit sugary drinks and snacks and encourage a healthy diet. * Schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings.