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Single Dental Implant Treatment

We had this weird day at school when our tooth fell and we pretended it was a window, trying to conceal embarrassment the whole day and waited till it grew again. Well as a kid we all had the privilege of growing again but as an adult, we miss that. Thanks to advanced dentistry, we can still fix that missing tooth easily and permanently with treatment like dental implants.

The dental implant remains a popular dental treatment that allows our dentists to replace the missing tooth or infected tooth with an artificial tooth. The dental implant comprises of three prime elements, the implant fixture, the abutment, and the crown.

The dental implant (fixture) is the part that serves as an artificial tooth, it is typically made with titanium and alloplastic material, which makes a perfect corrosion-free material and provides extensive support for the dental implant (Analogy: the root of a natural tooth) in bone. Next is the abutment, which acts as a connecting agent between the implant screw and the crown. Lastly, the crown (tooth cap) is an artificial tooth that sits on top of the abutment. Crowns look exactly like our natural teeth and are made with extremely durable tooth-colored porcelain. Dental implants have been practiced for more than 50 years now and it is the safest and most successful tooth replacement treatment option.

There are three major types of dental implants treatment:

1) Single Dental Implant

Single tooth implants require single fixture over which an individual crown are normally cemented to prefabricated abutments. Single dental implant treatments start with examining available bone using a CBCT scan. After proper planning, our best dental surgeon operates into a patient's gum to expose the bone. To place the dental implant, the osteotomy site is prepared using surgical drills. A dentist must make the dental implant tight in the bone to increase its stability and sustainability. The dental implant takes nearly three to six months to integrate into the bone, this process is called Osseointegration. Our dentists check if the implant is fully integrated into the jawbone. Upon confirmation, an abutment and a crown are placed on the dental implant fixture to complete the procedure. If required our dentists provide temporary crowns during the treatment to the patient, which keeps the look of a smile intact. Visit AMD Dental Clinic for dental implant treatment now where the cost of dental implant treatment is fairly affordable.

2) Multiple dental implants

3) Full Mouth Rehabilitation using implants

All three types of dental implants allow a patient to get his/her smile back and boost confidence.

Dental Implants are a blessing to all the mankind. They are a perfect treatment modality for replacing a missing tooth. I know all about it and on that basis I know that it is safe and conservative approach. In long terms, it is more cost effective than a fixed bridge. If I lose a tooth in future, I will like to get it replaced by a dental implant only.

- Dr. Mili Gupta (Director, AMD Dental Clinic)

Dental Implant placement can be done either immediately after the tooth extraction or when some time has elapsed after tooth extraction. The patient is advised a CBCT scan which helps the dental surgeon to determine the available bone at the site. If bone grafting is required, best dentists are pro at bone grafting procedure. After planning dental implant size and patient consent is obtained. On the day of surgery, the surgical site is numbed and dental implant is torqued in at the site prepared using surgical drills. Our dentists perform bone grafting on patients who have thin and soft jawbone. This step is extremely important, and it boosts the success rate of the surgery. A surgical process of repairing diseased or damaged bone using transplanted bone is called bone grafting. Bone grafting can be done with synthetic bone graft i.e. the BIO-OSS Bone graft. One of our best dentists Dr. Divya Agrawal is M.D.S. Periodontics, a specialist for bone grafting and gums surgery. After this a cover screw is placed and dental implant is left undisturbed for a few months. This important for the success of a dental implant.

A well-integrated implant allows our best dentists to position an abutment on top of the implant post. The abutment raises the dental implant till tissue allowing easy placement of the dental crown. Our dentists check if the placed dental implant is strong enough to support chewing before placing an artificially made crown. This crown is custom made according to patient's needs and it is the same colour as your natural teeth. On our panel we have Dr. Mili Gupta, who is artificial teeth specialist and has finished her masters in Prosthodontics making her the Best choice for your dental implant treatment. Our dentists, upon confirming every small detail, place the crown on top of the abutment to finish the treatment, leaving the patient with a bright smile and the ability to chew like a normal person.

Advantages of dental implants -

  • • Dental Implants are nearly the same as your natural teeth, which allows you to chew and speak normally.
  • • It improves your confidence by providing a perfect smile.
  • • Dental implants preserve bone and reduce the appearance of ageing.
  • • Dental Implants reduce stress on adjacent natural teeth.
  • • Very easy to maintain and it prevents loss of jaw height.

Even if dental implants are one of the oldest procedures of dentistry, it tends to fail if not executed properly. We at AMD Dental Clinic facilitate the best dentists who possess years of experience with the master's degree in dental implant procedure. This picks AMD Dental Clinic from a crowd of normal dental clinics and makes it the best dental clinic in Jaipur.

AMD Dental Clinic is the top leading dental practice in dental implants in Jaipur.

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What are single dental implants?

Single dental implants are a long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth. They function as artificial tooth roots, surgically placed in your jawbone to support a dental crown that replicates the look and function of a natural tooth.

What are the benefits of single dental implants?

Single dental implants offer numerous advantages over traditional bridges or dentures. They provide a natural look and feel, improved oral health by preserving surrounding teeth, and enhanced durability compared to other replacement options. AMD Dental Clinic utilizes advanced techniques to ensure a comfortable and successful single implant procedure.

Am I a candidate for single dental implants?

To determine your candidacy for single dental implants, we recommend scheduling a consultation. Our dentists will assess your jawbone health, remaining teeth, and overall oral health to determine if implants are the right option for you. Factors like sufficient bone density and good overall health are crucial for successful implant placement.

What is the process for getting a single dental implant?

The process for a single dental implant typically involves several steps. After a consultation and implant placement surgery, a healing period allows the implant to fuse with your jawbone. Following successful healing, an abutment is attached to the implant, and finally, a custom-made dental crown is placed on the abutment, restoring full functionality and aesthetics.

Is there any special care required for single dental implants?

Single dental implants require proper oral hygiene practices similar to natural teeth. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups are crucial for maintaining the health of your implant and surrounding tissues. Our team will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure the long-term success of your implant.