1. 1. Respectfully dedicated to your comfort.

    Your tooth pain will not give you prior notice. We understand how anxious your dental appointments can make you feel. So we try making them as comfortable as possible by openly communicating about various aspects of the treatment thereby mitigating the dread. Satisfactorily explaining the problem which the patient is suffering from and explaining to them in their mother tongue is our duty because we understand that medical terms might be gibberish to many.

  2. 2. 24x7 support

    You do not have days off nor does your toothache, so why should we! We know that many of you cannot manage time during the week, or an aching tooth emergency is something that is uncalled for. So we are here to provide round-the-clock support to you for all of your tight spots. So next time when you typically face any teeth-related problem, do not delay and contact us.

  3. 3. Best Dentists in Jaipur

    We promise you that you will only be treated by a dentist with a Master in Dental Surgery (M.D.S) degree from one of the best institutes in India. Our team includes Dr. Mili Gupta who has been felicitated by "The Outstanding Dentist Award" and nominated for "Best Postgraduate" and many more honours for her academic excellence. Dr. Divya Agrawal, M.D.S Periodontics and Implantology from Government Dental College, Jaipur. We have consultant M.D.S dentists of all branches of dentistry because we believe that our patients deserve the best care from specialist doctors. All the dentists are well experienced (>7 years ) and understanding of patient’s problem and choose a holistic approach to help the patient. To be treated by experienced knowledgeable award-winning exemplary dentists all under one humble roof of AMD Dental Clinic.

  4. 4. Necessary amenities

    A very friendly and welcoming aura is assuredly the first possible thing that you instantly feel when you visit AMD Dental Clinic. Along with a patient-friendly relaxing ambiance, we adequately provide you with all the necessary amenities like

    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Hot and cold drinking water
    • Regularly cleaned restroom
    • Large parking space
    • Fully air-conditioned working area
    • Mounted TV for your splendid entertainment
    • Medicines for Dental problem
    • Best dental care products including brushes, floss, denture brush, etc.
  5. 5. Your safety is our priority.

    Being vulnerable to possible infections is the last thing you would genuinely want while visiting a dentist. Our practice realizes this and uses internationally accepted standards of proper hygiene and sterilization at every step of the treatment to keep you safe throughout the treatment. We do this by reliably using well-autoclaved instruments, packed in disposable sterilization pouches which are properly stored in UV chambers to ensure you are in safe hands.

  6. 6. Convenient location

    Making your dental visits easy, we are located conveniently near Vidhan Sabha on Imli Phatak so you can instantly get your treatment done while en route your daily grind. The majority of Jaipur's population lies within 6 km from us. So visit us for your regular dental check-ups.

  7. 7. All-inclusive dental treatments (Multispeciality)

    What more can you ask for? We are providing you with an extensive range of dental treatments for your entire family from your kids to your grandparents, so you do not have to hop from one dentist to another saving your valuable time. AMD Dental Clinic realistically is a stable door to your complete dental health.

  8. 8. Best-in-class technology

    If beaming a bright smile is genuinely your ultimate goal, we have all the essential tools for it. Our private practice comprises of advanced equipments like Physiodispenser for a dental implant, rotary endodontics for RCT, digital X-Ray, in-house lab, etc. to cater to all your dental care needs as we believe in practicing modern but caring for you in the old school way. This accurately sets us apart from our competitors hence making us the Best Dental Clinic in Jaipur.

  9. 9. Independent practice

    You won’t be given any biased advice is what we can promise faithfully. Not being part of any dental corporation frees us from the burden of selling unnecessary treatments and consequently, we only recommend treatments that are of utmost importance saving you bucks. We can assure you of the best dental treatment.

  10. 10. Preventive dentistry

    We know that good oral health can impact your general health and this is what prompts us to provide the healthiest mouths possible by taking care of not only your teeth but gums as well. And this is only possible if you visit us for regular dental check-ups at least twice a year for early detection of cavities and other specific problems which if ignored for a long can lead to tooth loss.

  11. 11. Time flexibility

    We realize keenly that household chores can leave you with a very small window for your personal care. So we generously help you by providing the facility of choosing your appointment timings as per your convenience so that you never miss out on your dental appointments making us your best choice.

  12. 12. See your own dentist on every visit.

    We understand how uncomfortable it can typically get to be treated and explaining your dental history to a new dentist on your next dental visit. You obviously don’t have to worry about it with us as you’ll invariably see your own dentist every time. This will provide a personal touch and care of the dentist.

  13. 13. Affordable treatments

    We acknowledge the fact that dental treatment can be costly because of the extensive technology and instruments used. But we do not want this to be an economic barrier for you and allow you to instantly access dental care. So we have earnestly tried providing you with affordable dental health by associating with Raksha insurance and reimbursement schemes with various private and semi-government bodies like RCDF, Jaipur Diary, CEG. So next time if you choose, visit us as we are the Best Dental Clinic in Jaipur.